CORNEX Makes an Appearance at The 13th China International Energy Storage Conference

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On May 24, the 13th China International Energy Storage Conference was held in Hangzhou. With the theme of “Boost Renewable Energy Storage System Construction and Promote High-quality Energy Storage Development”, the conference aimed to fully discuss the important, hot, and difficult issues faced by the energy storage industry, including opportunities and challenges. CORNEX made a surprise appearance at the conference with the self-developed energy storage products of home and telecom 100Ah and 150Ah, high capacity storage cell 1P 150Ah, 0.5P 280Ah, 306Ah and 314Ah, modules and Pack system. In particular, industrial and commercial outdoor cabinets, 280Ah cell and other products are highly concerned by visiting customers.


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CORNEX gave a full display of energy storage solutions and cell R&D capabilities at the conference, and conducted in-depth discussions with co-builders, partners and other experts in the energy storage industry to jointly explore market opportunities and cutting-edge technology business models.


CORNEX has been playing an important role in promoting the transformation of new energy storage technology achievements, energy storage system solutions and business model innovation, international cooperation and other aspects. It will continue to uphold the requirements of high specifications and high quality, give full play to the powerful resource advantages of the platform, and contribute more wisdom and strength to the sustainable development and energy transformation of the global energy storage industry.


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