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The registered capital of CORNEX is US$580 million. With the headquarter based in Wuhan China, CORNEX promotes the innovation of materials, structures, manufacturing technologies and business modes in commercial application fields such as electrochemical energy storage, electric vehicles and commercial vehicles. CORNEX is achieving the strategic goal of "a generation in production, a generation at launch, a generation in research", establishing the advantages of industry leadership, large scale and high efficiency, and the capability of covering the whole industrial chain. We strive to contribute to the rapid development of the global new energy industry by providing users with full-scene and multi-dimensional lithium-ion battery products, energy management systems and other solutions.
Project Investment
US$ billion
R&D Staff Exceeds
Planning  Capacity
The above plans covers 5 years.

Be a Front Runner of New Energy Industry

Adopting an operation philosophy of "Technological Innovation and Green Energy", CORNEX targets at intelligent manufacturing fields, and explores the upstream or downstream industry chains of the lithium-ion battery industry. Our businesses are oriented to global ESS and EV battery markets, to boost the achievement of China's "carbon peaking and neutrality" goals and the transition to the green and low-carbon development.
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